Free PrintKEG Tee Shirt!

PrintKEG, Tony’s print company, is giving away FREE PrintKEG T-Shirts.  These shirts have dual purpose.  

First, you get to see the quality of the shirts first hand.  I love these shirts, they are soft and the design has outlasted even our clan!  My shirt is quickly becoming one of my favorite shirts to wear.

Second, when you wear your PK shirt around town, you will be helping get the word out about a great little online company. 

Free PrintKEG Shirt

The shirt is free but supplies are limited and this promotion is only available through May, so don’t wait!  Also, PrintKEG may be holding contests in the future.

**contest may involve taking a picture wearing your PK shirt somewhere cool**

To find out more information and get your FREE PrintKEG Shirt shipped to you, click here and fill out the quick form. 



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