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Butterfly Hair Bows

My beautiful Ladies

So I have been thinking for a while that I wanted to learn how to make hair bows and clippies for my daughters to wear.  I know a few women who make them, but I just can’t bring myself to spend the money on them, no matter how cute!  (I am SO cheap!)

A couple of weeks ago, I ran across some free tutorials on how to make ribbon art.  After reading some over, I decided it didn’t look to hard for me to try.  These are my first attempts at making clippies.  I think they look really cute and the little ladies really like them too.

Butterfly bows

Butterfly bow


Decorating for Autumn

I found these cute pumpkins on a friend’s site ages ago.  I liked them then, but with life being busy I didn’t have the time to even think about making them.  At the beginning of October we went to her house for a Harvest Party, and there they were, hanging in her dinning room looking so festive.  So I finally decided to make them.  The hardest part was finding brown construction paper.  I had to improvise and use brown paper lunch sacks, but I think the end result was great.

Pumpkins for Fall

Our pumpkin patch


The Sock Family

I wanted to make something special for Christmas this past year, so I decided to make each of my children a sock toy.  They were a big hit, and since I never got around to posting about them last year I figured I would do a little ‘Post of the Past’.

Sock Family

I put 6 magnets in each toy; the first 4 went into the hands and feet.  The other two went in a different spot for each animal.

Sock Monkey

The first one I made was the monkey.  It was kind of my test, since I had a pattern that I had printed off the Internet and if it didn’t turn out the way I wanted, I had not lost all that much.  I shouldn’t have worried, as it was really easy and fun to make.   I put the extra 2 magnets in the tail, one at the very end and one a little more than half way up.

Sock frog

The second I made was this adorable frog.  I had no pattern to follow, but I really liked how he turned out.  I call him the “Ay yi yi Frog” because I put the extra magnets about where his ears would be.  He reminds me of a tree frog from South America, so he would of coarse need to be able to speak the native language right…(Yes I know, I put way to much thought into this.)

Sock Elephant

The last one I made was an elephant.  I altered pattern for an elephant on four legs to make it walk on 2.  I put the extra magnets in the tip of the trunk and in the mouth so it could ‘feed” itself.

If anyone wants a beginners project to make for someone, these are great.  The hardest part was turning some of the smaller pieces right side out.