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Each year I am frustrated as I try to make a store bought planner work for me.  This year I decided to take a page from a friend, so to speak, and make my own.  I think the hardest thing has been figuring out what I really wanted my planner to be.  I knew I needed to be able to have all 3 children currently being home educated on one page.  I also wanted the studies we do together to be in one place so I wasn’t writing and rewriting for each child.  So I came up with this…

Now, I thought it would be fun to have a Mom’s Day page too.  You know, a page that could help me stay on top of my day.  After looking over many, I decided I wanted to have my very basic schedule so that it is easy to manipulate, a menu planner and a spot to list out a few tasks/goals to accomplish that day.  I also wanted to be able to write out the scripture (or at least the address) I was memorizing and prayer needs/answers.  And of coarse, I had to have a place for notes.  What special page for mom is complete without a place for notes. :-)

These two pages are back to back so when I have my planner opened to whatever day it is, I am able to see both at the same time.  And I have it open on a shelf in the center of the action.  (Oh my, don’t look at the wall in the background.  We so need to paint!)

I also wrote up a Course of Study for each child.  Since I needed to do this for our association, I killed two birds with one stone.  This page is to remind me throughout the year what I planned to cover.  It also helps to encourage me to know I am teaching well.

The last page (besides a cover) that I created was a title page with important numbers on it, like HSLDA.  With the way our country is going, I wanted to be certain to have that number easily accessible.  I wanted a pretty cover that reflected anything could be a life lesson.  Unfortunately, my color ink is running low, but I bound my lesson planner anyway.

Other pages I used was a study key (to help others figure out my short hand) and attendance calender by http://donnayoung.org and a calender (one month per page), holiday key, a few cute notes pages and a page of Bible verses to encourage from http://www.newbeehomeschooler.com/


Lesson Planner with subjects

Blank Lesson Planner

Mom’s Day

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  1. July 7th, 2012 | Dawn@OneFaithfulMom says:

    Why have you been hiding this blog from me?
    And that planner…You know me…planners give me hives. Well, I actually LOVE the IDEA of a planner, and can hardly resist buying one, but using it…OY.
    So I am looking at this one, thinking that might work for me, except that I have 8 students this year…thoughts????

  2. July 7th, 2012 | May says:

    Hey Dawn,
    I haven’t been hiding it…More like lack of advertising :) Glad you found me though!

    I am so with you about using planners. That is why I made this one. To customize it to me, not me try to conform to it.

    I don’t know if this would work, but I did create the same lesson planning page with 6 slots for six children (and could easily change to seven.) I don’t remember what years your older ones are in, but if they are in high school you could do a 4 year planner for high school and use a 6 slot sheet for the others. Or if any are doing the same work, they could share a slot (like if 2 were doing second year work…) The other option is to alter it to have 8 slots, but to make enough room there would be no date slot on the top and the rows would be a little smaller (1″ squares for the individual and 1 1/2″ for the group.) Not a big deal if your not the type to write every detail.
    Oh I just thought of another idea, if you didn’t want the Mom’s day, or at the very least remove and shuffle around things, it would be possible to do 2 or 3 (or even half) your children on one page and the rest on the other…


  3. July 8th, 2012 | Stacey says:

    Thank you for sharing May, I love the layout!

  4. August 9th, 2012 | Jasmine says:

    The Mom’s Day page is exactly what I needed! Thanks!

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