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Book Blast Announcement!

We decided to do 2 drawings for sellers!
The first drawing will be for a 4 CD set of Adventures in Odyssey from Focus on the Family, 5 hours of character-building audio entertainment for the whole family.  As announced before, simply sign up as a seller for the chance to win this great prize.  Deadline for this drawing is this Friday, May 25th by 10pm.
The second drawing will be for a Summer Fun basket for Mom including some Frontier items donated by Megan Shytle. This basket has many goodies, including sun screen, bug spray, bubbles, a water bottle and much more.  Lots of fun to celebrate completing another year of home-schooling. To be entered into this drawing, sign up as a seller and enter 25 items by June 1st.
Register now, for a chance to win both of these wonderful prizes.
To sign up and enter your books, go to
More information can be found at
Book Blast Cordinator

Book Blast


2017 Book Blast Announcements

Community Bible Church, 638 Parris Island Gateway Beaufort, SC 29901
Mark These Dates On Your Calendars!!

  • Drop Off Day is Friday, June 9, from 1-7PM

*If you are not local and don’t want to drive to Beaufort two days in a row, please email us soon for information on an early pick up.

  • Shopping Day is Saturday, June 10, from 9AM-1PM
  • Book Pickup is Saturday, June 10, from 2-3:30PM

*Please allow us this hour to organize any leftover books. We will have a special room set up for those wishing to wait on campus.

Questions? Email

Selling Books Information

• 4 Criteria For Drop Off Day

o Inventory List
o (SASE) self-addressed stamped envelope
o Seller Fee $6.50
o All items must be properly labeled

• Please Select From the Following Links For More Information:

Frequently Asked Questions – If you don’t find the answer you are looking for, be sure to email us at the above address.

Bar Code Labeling Instructions – This system enables sellers to easily track sales, and streamlines the process of buying/selling. It allows the seller to take the inventory entered and transfer it to other venues (some restrictions apply). The deadline for entering inventory using this system Thursday, June 8th at midnight.

Manual Labeling Instructions  – There is an additional 10% processing fee to use this method.

*All sales/revenue generated over $599 are subject to a 1099 form.


Just a few more days till the Book Blast is here!


Today is the last day to enter books into the barcode system!  The system locks at midnight tonight!  You will not be able to make any changes to your tags once the system locks.

If you have any last minute questions, check here. If you can’t find the answer email, call or text us and we will do our best to help.

After the system locks, don’t worry, you can still sell using manual tags, but there is a 10% additional charge.  See here for the manual instructions.

As we prepare for the sale, we are getting so excited.  We have over 3,000  barcoded books entered.  And books are still being entered!

Just a few reminders:

Drop off is tomorrow, June 10th, from 1 to 7pm

The sale is Saturday, June 11th, from 9am to 1pm

Pick up any unsold books Saturday, June 11th, from 2 to 3:30pm.  Please give us until 2pm to sort the books so none of your books are left.  Any items not picked up by 3:30 will be donated.

We are able to use CBC’s fellowship hall because of their generosity.  Let’s be sure to show them the same respect we would want others to show in our domain.

Please respect the rules of the venue:

  • Treat others respectfully.
  • Supervise your children.
  • No running.
  • The Book Blast is restricted to the fellowship hall, classrooms C120 & C121, and the hallway connecting all these rooms.  There are bathrooms available down the hall to the left of the entrance door.  Please restrict your families to these areas.
  • Please stay off the stage as VBS preparations are in full swing for June 21 – 24.  To register for Ocean Commotion VBS, click here.

Looking forward to seeing you all tomorrow and Saturday!  Email response maybe a little slower do to preparing for the sale, but I will do my best to get back with you in a timely manner.


Important Announcement

2BookBlast_Banner The Book Blast is drawing near!

The deadline to enter books into the barcoding system is Thursday, June 9th.  At midnight the system will lock.

Important: There is scheduled maintenance all day Monday, June 6 starting at 7:00 am until 9:00 pm EST.   You will not be able to access the barcode system website during the maintenance window.  That means you can’t register as a seller, enter books or print labels on Monday!  You will be able to access your account as soon as the maintenance window is over.

Drop off is this Friday, June 10th from 1-7pm.  Make sure you bring your properly labeled items, inventory list, $5 seller fee and self-addressed stamped envelope.  If you forget your stamped envelope, we will have some available for $0.50.

The sale is this Saturday, June 11th from 9am-1pm.  And pick up is 2-3:30pm.  All items not picked up by 3:30pm will be donated to Book Blast.


Book Blast is less than 2 weeks away!


The Book Blast is right around the corner, next weekend to be more exact!

If you haven’t entered your books yet, it is not to late.  The system will be open until midnight, June 9th.  But don’t wait till last minute.  You busy moms just do not need that kind of stress!

My advice is to look through your bookshelves for those books you aren’t using, those manipulitives you bought because you just knew you needed them (only not to have touched them at all) and all those other school supplies that are being more clutter than useful at the moment.  Then enter everything this weekend (it is suppose to rain anyway.)  That way you can spend next week enjoying the summer sun.

To register as a bar code seller or enter your books, click here.

For FAQ, click here.

If you have questions that need a more personal touch or issues arise, email us at




Congratulations to our Early Bird Contest Winner:

 Michelle Thomas

Your seller fee will be waived.

If you missed the contest, there is still time to register.  You have until midnight on June 9th to enter books and other home school material into the bar code system for the book sale.
 For information on how to be a seller, times and other important information, click here.

Mark your calendars!


The Book Blast is fast approaching.  It is only a month away on June 11th, 9-1 pm.

This used book sale is a great way to sell some of the curriculum, books and manipulatives that you are no longer using.  AND an awesome way to get some great deals on some gently used things.  Even if you don’t home school, the Book Blast is a good source for summer reading books.

We are so excited about some cool give-a-ways donated to us by some very generous vendors, including Doorposts, Notgrass, My Father’s World, Character Concepts, All About Learning and Horse Lovers Math.  You must be present to win.

The bags filled with catalogs, were so popular last year, we have doubled the number of bags this year.

It is free to shop.  Only $5 to sell.

For information on how to be a seller, times and other important information, click here.

Sellers, don’t wait till the last minute to enter your books.  Sign up as a seller using the bar code system and enter 50 books by May 25 to be entered into the Early Bird Drawing for the seller fee to be waived!

Book Blast 2015