Book Blast


2018 Book Blast Announcements

Venue: Community Bible Church, 638 Parris Island Gateway Beaufort, SC 29901

Mark These Dates On Your Calendars!!

  • Drop Off Day is Friday, June 8, from 1-7PM

*If you are not local and don’t want to drive to Beaufort two days in a row, please email us soon for information on an early pick up.

  • Shopping Day is Saturday, June 9, from 9AM-1PM
  • Book Pickup is Saturday, June 9, from 2-3:30PM

*Please allow us this hour to organize any leftover books. We will have a special room set up for those wishing to wait on campus.

Questions? Email

Selling Books Information

• 4 Criteria For Drop Off Day

o Inventory List
o (SASE) self-addressed stamped envelope
o Seller Fee $5.00
o All items must be properly labeled

• Please Select From the Following Links For More Information:

Frequently Asked Questions – If you don’t find the answer you are looking for, be sure to email us at the above address.

Bar Code Labeling Instructions – This system enables sellers to easily track sales, and streamlines the process of buying/selling. It allows the seller to take the inventory entered and transfer it to other venues (some restrictions apply). The deadline for entering inventory using this system Thursday, June 8th at midnight.

Click this link to register and enter books into the  bar code system.

Manual Labeling Instructions  – There is an additional 10% processing fee to use this method.

*All sales/revenue generated over $599 are subject to a 1099 form.