We have picked a name!!!

It is so great to say those words.  This has been the longest time in our family not to have picked a name.  I was starting to get concerned we would be holding the baby LONG BEFORE the name!  D has just been a difficult letter.

Well, as I said, we have picked a name.  Her name is Danielle Liana (pronounced lee-AHN-ah.)  Danielle means God is Judge and Liana means my God has answered, so her name literally means My God is Judge and He has answered.  Naming Danielle this was so appropriate.   In April, some dear friends had been praying for some minor health related issues I had been having.  Out of the blue I suddenly developed an appendicitis, and the x-rays revealed the problem believed to have been causing my issues.  And after that, everything seemed to fall into place.

God was so gracious to have given us this blessing, that we really felt He deserved all the glory.  We are blessed.

God's beauty

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