Popcorn Cereal

I have found my new favorite breakfast food for the children!  Yes you read right, popcorn cereal.  I made it for breakfast and after letting the children know that some cowboys might have eaten this when they where little ones, it went over with a big hit! (It was apparently used in Colonial America.)  I would have liked to have gotten a picture to post of it, but the children downed 2 bowls each faster than I could think to grab my camera.  I got the recipe from Tammy’s Recipes, a website I like to frequent for, you guessed it, recipes.

Okay here is the how’s and what for’s.  Pop some corn in your air popper.  Take some of the plain popcorn and put it in your cereal bowl, filling to the brim (it will reduce to about half.)  Sprinkle on a spoonful of the sweetener of your choice.  We used sugar to try this first time, but brown sugar or honey also sound good.  Add your milk, I went with Tammy and added 1/2 cup.  Finally stir to coat the popcorn and enjoy.

I decided to try this because, hey what do I have to lose, right?  I am SO glad I did.  This breakfast, for all 3 of my children, cost about sixty cents.  And the time it took was less than it would to boil water.

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