Walgreens Shopping

I get so excited when I score some awesome deals.  I can talk for hours on the subject, as seen by my husband on a few of our date.  And since Tony loves it when I save money, just doesn’t want to hear every single, little detail, well I thought I would post it here and maybe get it all out of my system.

Today I went to Walgreens while the children played at a friends house.  First let me tell you what I got:

  • 2 bottles of witch hazel
  • a two pack of Robitussin on the go
  • a small bottle of Beano
  • a bottle of Dulcolax
  • and a ChapStick, fresh Effects

Walgreens 102809

I know, not things most people “just have to have”.  And if I had not had 10 register rewards that were due to expire tomorrow, I might not have bought the stuff either.  (Well with the exception of the chapstick…mine is missing. )  But hear me out.  I spent a total of $4.28 out of pocket.  (My out of pocket is after the register rewards and other coupons.)  I got back 12 register rewards and will send in for a $5 rebate check via USPS tomorrow, which I will consider “Laundered Money” so it can either go into savings or be respent without coming out of pocket.

All in all, I say that’s a good find.

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