Happy Mother’s Day

To all the moms out there…

  • To the ones in the midst of spills and messes.  Who might be feeling the pressure to “have it all together”, but  may be just wondering how they are going to make it till bedtime.
  • To the ones past the messes. Who’s little ones have all grown and no longer “need” mom.
  • To the ones who long for the messes.  Who’s little one is no longer there to hug and hold, maybe never gotten to hold.  Who lost their little one long before they were ready to let go.
  • To the ones who wish they had the messes, but never did.  So they mothered those who are not their own, they love on and instruct those who never really belong to them, but they treat them like they do.


Motherhood takes on many forms.  Sometimes it is easy to spot, like the nine month pregnant woman or when a mom has toddlers in tow.  Other times its hard to see, like the widow giving advice to the young bride after the couples first fight or the older lady sharing a desired recipe.

At each stage motherhood is a self sacrificing moment for mom.  A time for mom to put her own needs, wants and desires aside and focus on someone else who needs her more.

It is a choice.

All it truly takes to be a mom is to be a woman with a willing heart.

So to each of the mothers in every stage of life,


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