Unexpected science in the garden

In our garden, we have hay.

Hay attracts bugs.  And not the nice bugs either.

Bugs are not my favorite…  I had a nightmare where suddenly my home was over run with bugs from the garden, but I digress.

I have been very brave and dealt with the bugs because I wanted my garden, small as it may be.

Then one day as I am working in the garden, I realized I didn’t see to many bugs.  So I did something out of character…I started looking for the bugs.  I dug around a little in the hay to see if I could find some.  And this skink is what I found instead!  This picture really doesn’t do her size justice.  This thing is at least 6-8 inches long!

You know we made a science lesson from it!

Since this picture we have found another large skink and at least 3 babies…and very very few bugs!  They live in my potato patch, and I am completely content to have them stay there.  :)


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