Christmas Wreaths

The children are selling these beautiful handmade Christmas wreaths for a home school project this year!  We love to support American companies, and this was a great opportunity to teach some small business skills.  My little ones plan to split any money they make 3 ways and use it on Christmas presents.

They are working so hard, it is really precious.  Benjamin has every price memorized and Alexander is more or less the spokesman of the group.  The boys gave Carolyn the job of holding up the brochure and smiling really big.  (A job she personally loves!)

If you would like to order one, please let me know.  There are two ways you can order.  Either the children can sell to you or you can go to https://www.wreathsofmaine.com/wreaths.  When buying online, be sure to use their seller id, 4876, so they will get the credit.  In person orders are due by November 28th and online orders December 16th, but don’t wait as they are handmade and take time to make.

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