Lemons for Lemonade

Lemons from tree

These are only the lemons I could reach…a little more than half the lemons on the tree.

Friday, while Tony took the boys to NC with him, Carolyn and I stayed home and pick lemons for lemonade.  I think we just might have enough, what do you think, LOL.  The boys did get to pick one before they left, but they really had no interested once they realized how “dangerous” it is to pick citrus fruit.  My poor hands hurt all weekend, but it was so worth it.  Just in case you have never seen a citrus tree and think I might be off my rocker, here is some pictures of my lovely tree.

The things we endore for fresh lemonade

Dangerous looking aren't they...

Note the 2 inch spikes called thorns...

After Carolyn picked her lemon, she was in charge of putting lemons in the buckets while I took on the mission of collecting them off the tree.  I was reminded yet again that I need to look for a taller ladder, our current one lets me reach 9 feet but my tree is at least 12 feet tall.  Needless to say I didn’t pick all the fruit, but I did get a good bit.  Enough to make some lemonade, for now and for later.

Lemons from tree 09 003

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