Book Blast is less than 2 weeks away!


The Book Blast is right around the corner, next weekend to be more exact!

If you haven’t entered your books yet, it is not to late.  The system will be open until midnight, June 9th.  But don’t wait till last minute.  You busy moms just do not need that kind of stress!

My advice is to look through your bookshelves for those books you aren’t using, those manipulitives you bought because you just knew you needed them (only not to have touched them at all) and all those other school supplies that are being more clutter than useful at the moment.  Then enter everything this weekend (it is suppose to rain anyway.)  That way you can spend next week enjoying the summer sun.

To register as a bar code seller or enter your books, click here.

For FAQ, click here.

If you have questions that need a more personal touch or issues arise, email us at beaufortbookblast@gmail.com.

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